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Bryce Brown
figurative paintings from New Zealand artist capturing line and form

Carol Carter
contemporary watercolor and acrylic paintings

Kho Sante'
contemporary abstract art, meditative and lyrical geometric expressionism, interactive painting, by Italian artist

Natasha Matveenkova
contemporary abstract paintings and colorful figurative and still life paintings in naive style

Natasha Sazonova
Pop art, fine art and illustration

Stephane Jaspert
contemporary rock painting/installation - series of painted cobblestones in Paris, started in l999

Martina Shapiro
vibrant, expressionistic, figurative oil paintings, including still life and the nude, by Canadian artist

Terry Taube
contemporary sculpture from paper casting reflects Hawaiian nature

Rart and Sete
contemporary conceptual sculpture with a humorous twist

Mike Hernandez
contemporary paintings by artist of Puerto Rico

Grazyna Maria Wolska
abstract paintings, sculpture, digital art

Chip Evans
contemporary abstract paintings in acrylic with texture, and drawings

Sean O'Shea
contemporary visual art by artist living in Byron Bay, Australia

Michael Lucarelli
contemporary abstract paintings

Franz Graw
contemporary oil paintings, lino prints, sculpture and drawings

Eva Ryn Johannissen
contemporary abstract paintings

Color del Alma
contemporary watercolours by Carmen Berges, and poetry by Angel Sanzgoena

Tim Seward
contemporary abstract paintings

Harry Gruenert
contemporary abstract paintings - pure abstraction

Shawn McNulty
contemporary abstract paintings

Judy Bird
contemporary original paintings, oils, acrylic and mixed media works

Allison Sutton Fuqua
abstract paintings

Suzana Stojanovic
hyper realistic oil and pastel paintings of horses

Jose Javier Cabello
acrylic, watercolor and pastel paintings

Lynne Taetzsch
contemporary abstract paintings

Justin Trimble
contemporary abstract paintings

Obed Gomez
contemporary art by Puerto Rican painter

Leon Engelen
oil paintings

Angony's Art
contemporary paintings by artist from Melbourne, Australia

Keith Garrow
contemporary abstract paintings by British artist

Kara Michael Free
abstract and figurative paintings

Athina Pazolli
abstract paintings and drawn nudes

Francesco Boretti
abstract expressionist art

Quincy, Leon, and Curtis Verdun
abstract paintings and Greek sculpture

Teresa Bernard
landscape oil paintings, portraits, wildlife, seascapes, inspirational and religious paintings

Linda Paul Studio
canvas art prints, original fine art paintings & tile murals of Italian, French & Southwestern landscapes & still life kitchen & wine wall decor

Ben Zvi
unusual visual arts, wood carving, fineart, mix media, art illusion

Pamela Miller
contemporary paintings, including abstract, and fine art prints

Robert Carbonell
contemporary abstract painting, rich in colour and texture

Michael U Johannson
abstract paintings

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